322 companies set up or expand in Hong Kong in first half of 2024
Updated: July 3, 2024 08:26 Xinhua

HONG KONG, July 2 -- Invest Hong Kong Tuesday announced that it assisted 322 Chinese mainland and overseas companies to set up or expand operations in Hong Kong during the first six months of 2024, representing a 43-percent year-on-year increase.

The total investment brought to the local economy reached 38.3 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 4.9 billion U.S. dollars), up 6 percent year on year, with more than 3,500 job opportunities being created, up 44 percent year on year, according to Invest Hong Kong.

The department revealed that the 322 companies came from 33 economies, including 150 from the mainland, while others from the United States, Britain, Singapore and France. In terms of sectors, financial services and fintech, and innovation and technology accounted for a large proportion.

Alpha Lau, director-general of Investment Promotion, was delighted to see that the growth of the department's portfolio which was attributable to the gradual recovery of the global economy and the continuous support by the country, hence accelerating the pace of companies expanding their business to Hong Kong.

The National Immigration Administration announced earlier that starting July 10, non-Chinese Hong Kong permanent residents will be eligible to apply for a card-type document to enter the mainland.

Lau said that the response of foreign chambers of commerce in Hong Kong to the new measure was very positive. She believed it would help to facilitate business exchanges and attract talents to settle in Hong Kong.

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