China's State Council stresses workplace safety
Updated: November 24, 2023 22:02 Xinhua

BEIJING, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) -- China's State Council underscored the importance of ensuring workplace safety at the turn of the year during an executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Qiang on Friday.

The meeting also reviewed and approved an action plan to improve air quality, as well as regulations on supervising and managing non-bank payment institutions.

At the turn of the year, the country should work to root out all types of workplace risks that may cause major accidents, and safeguard people's lives and property, according to the meeting.

Calling for safety overhauls of key sectors such as energy, construction and transport, the meeting stressed efforts to ensure that all safety measures are in place.

Regarding the improvement of air quality, the meeting decided that the green and low-carbon transformation of industries, energy and transport must pick up pace, and people from all walks of life should take an active part in curbing air pollution.

Recognizing the role of non-bank payment institutions in helping the market thrive, the meeting noted that these institutions must stick to small-amount transactions and provide convenience for people as their principles.

While implementing the regulations for the institutions, the country should step up efforts to prevent irregularities on payment platforms such as illegal fund-raising as well as telecom and online fraud, and facilitate the orderly and healthy development of the industry.

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