China releases action plan to promote data-powered development
Updated: January 5, 2024 07:09 Xinhua

BEIJING, Jan. 4 -- China has issued a three-year action plan to promote the use of data as a factor of production and let data play a more significant role in driving economic and social development.

According to the plan published by 17 government departments, including the National Data Administration (NDA), the data use will be boosted in 12 sectors, from manufacturing and finance to technological innovation and green and low-carbon development.

By advancing the use of data, China expects to improve resource allocation and foster new industries and patterns as well as new growth drivers, Shen Zhulin, deputy head of the NDA, said last month.

Over the three years starting in 2024, China will increase efforts to promote the high-level application of data, ensure the quality of data supply, improve the environment of data circulation, and strengthen data security, according to the action plan.

The NDA was inaugurated in October 2023 as part of the country's efforts to advance the planning and building of a "Digital China," including a digital economy and society.

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