Sino-Serbian youth dialogue boosts cultural bonds
Updated: January 11, 2024 09:21 Xinhua

BELGRADE, Jan. 10 -- The role of young people in the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Serbia was highlighted during a friendly dialogue at the Chinese Cultural Center in Belgrade on Tuesday evening.

The event, under the theme "Youth Dreams, Shared Development," was joined by students from both nations, representatives from the Serbian government, the Chinese Embassy, overseas companies, and cultural institutions, as well as researchers and experts.

Addressing the audience, Serbia's Assistant Minister of Culture Stanko Blagojevic said the evening was a dedicated platform for the exchange of ideas and visions for the future.

"Tonight's event makes the role of youth in our future collaboration clear. Since it is comprehensive and based on deep mutual trust, it has a long-term perspective. It is up to the youth to learn as much as possible about the diverse and profound richness of our two cultures," Blagojevic said.

He added that young people would contribute not only to increasing closeness through mutual understanding, but also to finding new paths for collaboration, and defining values that would help overcome challenges ahead. He emphasized their contributions to stability, independence, overall progress and development.

Tang Dasheng, cultural counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Serbia, said that young people are the future and hope of China-Serbia relations, and cultural, economic and trade exchanges are an important part of cooperation between the two countries.

Tang said that the sharing of insights and personal experiences by young people within the China-Serbia cooperation will inject more fresh blood into China-Serbia friendship.

The event also featured keynote speeches from Bojan Lalic, director of the Institute for Belt and Road Studies in Belgrade, and Yang Fan, deputy chief economist of PowerChina. They discussed Serbia's role in the Belt and Road Initiative and highlighted the economic ties between China and Serbia.

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