Chinese premier chairs State Council executive meeting
Updated: March 1, 2024 21:15 Xinhua

BEIJING, March 1 -- Chinese Premier Li Qiang chaired a State Council executive meeting Friday, which approved an action plan to promote large-scale equipment renewal and trade-in of consumer goods.

The meeting deliberated work on accelerating the construction of a modern infrastructure system and facilitating the integrated high-quality development of the Yangtze River Delta.

The meeting also discussed draft amendments to three laws, including one on the promotion of agricultural technologies.

Highlighting the importance of equipment renewal and trade-in of consumer goods, the meeting demanded an increase in advanced production capacity and high-quality durable consumer goods for residents. The goal is to ensure that this campaign benefits enterprises and consumers.

The meeting called for more fiscal and financial support to facilitate equipment renewal in fields including construction, municipal infrastructure, transport, agriculture, education, and medical treatment. It also underscored the need to promote the trade-in of consumer goods such as automobiles and home appliances.

Efforts will also be made to establish and improve a recycling and reuse system to promote the re-manufacturing of waste or worn equipment and enhance resource recycling and utilization capacity.

The meeting stressed that a modern infrastructure system underpins the development of a modern socialist nation, propelling high-quality growth. Efforts should thereby focus on strengthening spatial planning, optimizing the supply structure and improving functionality.

It is crucial to ensure that the system features advanced technology, completeness and high efficiency, while being safe and eco-friendly, according to the meeting.

Regarding the Yangtze River Delta, the meeting emphasized the need to boost the region's innovation capabilities, industrial competence and growth momentum to maximize its pioneering role in regional integrated development.

The executive meeting deliberated on and adopted draft amendments to three laws. It decided to submit the draft amendments to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress for review.

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