China launches university graduate employment promotion campaign
Updated: May 21, 2024 20:17 Xinhua

BEIJING, May 21 -- China's Ministry of Education has announced the launch of a 100-day campaign to promote the employment of new university graduates, with relevant work having entered the home stretch.

The campaign, which will last until August 2024, features activities at various universities around the country, such as large-scale campus recruitment, policy promotions, and visits to enterprises, the ministry said in a statement.

Presidents and Party chiefs of colleges and universities are encouraged to visit enterprises to expand job opportunities and potentials, while there will also be special recruitment events organized on a national employment service platform for university students to enhance information sharing and targeted recommendation.

In addition, the ministry called for greater efforts to help students from families with financial difficulties and those with disabilities to find jobs, noting that each such student should be kept on record and that assistance plans should be tailored to their specific circumstances.

According to Chinese authorities, the number of new university graduates across the country this year is expected to reach 11.79 million.

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