China-Hungary joint research center unveiled in Budapest
Updated: June 11, 2024 06:51 Xinhua

BUDAPEST, June 10 -- Representatives from Hungary and China unveiled the China-Hungary Joint Research Centre for Exchanges and Mutual Learning between Civilizations here on Monday.

The center was established by Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE) of Hungary, and Renmin University of China. Imre Hamar, vice-rector of ELTE, highlighted the importance of the new center in fostering collaboration, in a speech on behalf of Laszlo Borhy, rector of ELTE.

The center "expresses what we are working for in higher education institutions," the vice-rector said, adding, "We all wish to contribute a great deal to the future of societies, cultures, to the future of civilization."

Hamar also elaborated on the historical significance and current growth of the Chinese Studies Department at ELTE, which celebrated its centennial last November.

Meanwhile, Chinese Ambassador to Hungary Gong Tao said that the two universities will join forces to further promote exchanges and mutual learning between Asian and European civilizations, promote the development of friendly cooperation between China and Hungary, and make contributions to deepening cultural and academic exchanges between China and the Central and Eastern European countries.

Lin Shangli, president of Renmin University of China, said that with the help of the research center, Renmin University will carry out in-depth cooperation with ELTE, to further promote academic exchanges between China and Hungary.

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