New development plan for NEVs unveiled
Updated: November 2, 2020 19:48

The State Council on Nov 2 issued a circular aimed at boosting the high-quality development of new energy vehicles (NEV) from 2021 to 2035.

Against the backdrop of accelerated NEV development, the circular calls for efforts to seize opportunities, consolidate development momentum, make the most of infrastructure and information technology, reinforce core competitiveness and facilitate the high-quality and sustainable development of the sector.

The decisive role of the market was highlighted in resource distribution, and enterprises should be major players in technology roadmaps and construction of production and service systems.

Further efforts should be made to improve and protect an innovative institutional environment to encourage multi-pronged technology development, promote deep integration of NEV, energy, transportation, and information communication, among others.

The circular also calls for more international cooperation and active participation in international competition, making China's NEV industry deeply integrated into the global industrial and value chains.

According to the circular, the NEV industry should make groundbreaking achievements in batteries, driving motors, vehicle operating systems, and alike by 2025, with new car sales reaching 20 percent of total sales.

The core technology of the Chinese NEV industry should leapfrog to the international advanced level in the next 15 years with energy consumption per 100 kilometers dropping to 12 Kwh, it stated.

In addition, the development and commercial use of the solid power battery will also be accelerated.

In terms of technology innovation, the nation should spread its innovation chain across electronic vehicles (EV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), and fuel cell vehicles, and enhance supply of key accessories.

Meanwhile, batteries will be better recycled, reused, and monitored throughout the lifecycle.

Charging facilities also will be enhanced with scientific coordination with urban and rural construction planning, power grid planning, property arrangement, parking, and more. And orderly promotion is needed for hydrogen fuel supplies.

Additionally, the NEV industry should actively take part in formulation of international rules and standards to facilitate the formation of an open, transparent, and inclusive international NEV market environment.

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