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China to promote green, low-carbon development in Shandong, E China

Updated: September 2, 2022 19:18

The State Council has given instructions to replace old growth drivers with new ones in Shandong province and promote green and low-carbon high-quality development, according to a circular issued on Sept 2.

As a significant industrial base, Shandong province should explore green transition development based on the replacement of old growth drivers with new ones, and make more efforts to strengthen the vitality and driving forces for regional development, to boost green and low-carbon high-quality development, the circular said.

By 2027, Shandong is expected to make major breakthroughs in building pilot zones for green and low-carbon high-quality development and accumulate successes that can be replicated and extended.

By 2035, Shandong will establish a modern economic system, and carbon emissions in the province will be stabilized and reduced after reaching a peak. At the same time, the growth drivers will continue to change and upgrade, with an improved mechanism for green and low-carbon development, the circular said.

The circular also encouraged Shandong to promote green and high-end development in traditional pillar industries, optimize the layout and structure of the heavy chemical industry, resolutely restrain any haphazard development of energy-intensive, high-emission and low-level projects, advance clean, efficient utilization of fossil fuels, and increase the proportion of non-fossil fuels.

Transportation layout and structure should also be improved to support Shandong’s high-quality development.

Digital transformation of manufacturing industries should be fully promoted, while digital industries should be fostered, and marine-featured emerging industrial cluster should also be developed, said the circular.

Moreover, Shandong should promote construction of major innovation platforms, enhance the principal position of enterprises in technological innovation, and stimulate the creativity and innovation vitality of talents.

Intensive utilization of water resources should be enhanced, and the ecosystem’s functions and carbon wells should be strengthened.

In addition, Shandong should promote urban-rural and regional coordination to provide driving forces for building space for high-quality development. Institutions and mechanisms should also be innovated to establish a new threshold for reform and opening-up, the circular said.