Jianchuan to become national historical, cultural city
Updated: March 15, 2023 17:15

The Chinese government has approved designating Jianchuan county in Southwest China's Yunnan province as a national historical and cultural city, according to an official reply released by the State Council on March 15.

The county’s long and rich historical and cultural heritages are of great value, the reply said.

The State Council urged the provincial government, government of the Dali Bai autonomous prefecture and the county government of Jianchuan to tap into its historical and cultural resources, create detailed protection plans, specify lists of protection items, and properly manage the relationship between city construction and cultural heritage protection.

They should also preserve and restore historical and cultural blocks, further develop urban infrastructure and public services for better living conditions, and make full use of historical buildings.

Altering any natural landscapes or environment correlating with the historical and cultural elements of the city would be prohibited. Construction incompatible with the local environment and styles will not be allowed. Damaging, moving without authorization and demolishing historical structures are also forbidden.

The provincial government should work with the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the National Cultural Heritage Administration to guide, supervise and inspect the protection work in the historical and cultural city, the reply said.

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