China to invigorate Inner Mongolia’s high-quality development
Updated: October 16, 2023 21:37

The State Council has approved a guideline to boost the high-quality development of North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, invigorating Chinese modernization, according to a circular issued on Oct 16.

As noted in the circular, the main objectives of the guideline are: By 2027, the comprehensive economic strength of Inner Mongolia will grow to a national intermediate level and urban and rural income will reach a national average level.

Meanwhile, the industrial structure will be optimized and upgraded. By 2035, the comprehensive economic strength will jump greatly, with GDP and rural and urban residents’ incomes rising to new heights. At the same time, a new energy system will be built.

The main tasks stressed in the guideline are as follows:

1. Top-level design and comprehensive measures are needed to protect the eco-systems in mountains, rivers, forests, farmlands, lakes, grasslands and deserts, so as to build solid environmental safety barriers.

2. The industrial structure will be strategically optimized to build a modern industrial system driven by multiple props with diversified development.

3. Institutional reforms will be deepened to explore new transformation and development paths in resource-dependent regions.

4. A new energy system will be built to enhance Inner Mongolia’s strength of supply as a national key energy and strategic resources base.

5. Agriculture and animal husbandry modernization will be accelerated to intensify the production capability of Inner Mongolia as an important agricultural and livestock production base.

6. Inner Mongolia should vigorously integrate into the new dual-circulation development paradigm, upgrading its role as a gateway for northward opening-up.

7. It should also forge a strong sense of community among the Chinese people to forge a strong shield for security and stability in China's northern border area.

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