State Council approves China-Mongolia economic cooperation zone
Updated: March 22, 2024 21:18

The State Council has approved establishing a China-Mongolia Erenhot- Zamyn-Uud economic cooperation zone, according to a circular issued on March 22.

The cooperation zone area on the Chinese side is located on the northwest side of the highway port of Erenhot on the China-Mongolia border, covering 9.03 square kilometers, the circular said. It will focus on international trade, logistics, import and export processing, cross-border tourism and related supporting services.

Based on the intergovernmental agreement made by China and Mongolia, the two countries will work together to build cross-border facilities in the zone and carry out border and customs inspections, quarantine and security checks.

According to the circular, the Chinese side of the zone will be supported to construct an international healthcare pilot zone. Research and application of new medical technologies and drugs will also be encouraged there.

Efforts will be made to build a special cross-border railway for the zone. Display, auction and trade of international cultural and artistic works and financial services are allowed in the zone. Meanwhile, high-quality overseas education resources are allowed to be introduced for high-level international education exchanges and cooperation.

The circular urged the local government of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region to reasonably set up functional institutions to improve administration efficiency and services. The circular also stressed rigorous project approval procedures, ecological environment and biodiversity protection, as well as the coordinated development of economic activities and natural resources and environment.

For sustainable and sound development of the zone, the Ministry of Commerce is asked to join hands with the government of Inner Mongolia autonomous region to promote the construction of bilateral coordination mechanism, so as to urge relevant departments to strengthen guidance and provide better services.

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