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Premier: China, Germany should set example of cooperation

Updated: Apr 30,2021 10:14    CGTN

Premier Li Keqiang told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that China and Germany should set an example of open, mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation during the sixth round of intergovernmental consultations between China and Germany which was held on April 28 via video link.

Highlighting pragmatic cooperation between the two sides, Premier Li said new achievements have been made over the last two years since the previous intergovernmental consultations between the two sides.

Last year, the volume of bilateral trade between China and Germany increased despite the downward trend, fully demonstrating the huge potential of China-Germany cooperation, Premier Li said.

As major economies and influential countries in the world, China and Germany both support multilateralism and free trade, he added.

China remains the biggest trade partner of Germany for the fifth consecutive year, according to Germany's Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), and both Germany's import and export trade with China increased a lot in February.

Talking about the differences between the two sides on some issues, Premier Li called on efforts in creating favorable conditions for further smooth development of dialogue and cooperation and stressed respecting each other's core interests and major concerns.

Noting the 50th anniversary of China-Germany diplomatic relations in 2022, he hoped that the two sides will ensure the long-term, sound and steady development of bilateral relations, which is not only good for China and Germany but also good for the world.

For her side, Merkel said that bilateral cooperation in foreign affairs, economy and trade, agriculture, society, food security, sustainable development and climate change has reached new breadth and depth under the intergovernmental consultation mechanism.

China and Germany play important roles in the international community's joint fight against the epidemic, she said, adding that Germany is ready to further promote cooperation with China in vaccine production.

The investment agreement between the European Union and China is transparent and reciprocal and will provide more guarantee for our economic and trade cooperation, she said.

Noting of Germany-China comprehensive strategic partnership, she continued that Germany hopes to maintain dialogue and exchanges with China to further enhance mutual understanding.