Issues related to bank deposits, social security cards addressed
Updated: January 20, 2021 07:22 China Daily

A number of ministry-level departments, including those responsible for banking, social security, agriculture and health have responded recently to matters of public concern.

Further regulation of banks' online deposits in works

China will further regulate commercial banks' handling of services concerning personal savings through the internet, according to a notice jointly issued by China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and People's Bank of China.

Such efforts aim to maintain market order, prevent and control financial risks and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the notice said.

According to the notice, commercial banks should carry out deposit services through the internet according to laws and regulations. They are not allowed to carry out fixed-term deposit and time-demand deposit services through internet platforms that they do not operate.

The notice also required regulatory authorities at all levels to intensify regulation and take regulatory measures or impose administrative penalty on violations of laws and regulations.

Enhanced social security card services coming soon

Residents in China will be able to apply for, enable, replace and report temporary losses of their social security cards through interprovincial government services before the end of this year, according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

The social security card, which integrates a resident's identification, employment, medical insurance information, is used for the on-the-spot settlement of medical bills through basic medical insurance accounts in any designated hospital across the country.

By the end of October, the number of Chinese residents holding social security cards and electronic social security certificates had exceeded 1.32 billion, covering 94.9 percent of the country's whole population, the ministry said.

So far, key information such as the names and numbers of social security cardholders are recognized by the national network. Other services such as the interprovincial settlement of outpatient expenditure will be available before the end of this year.

Ministry looks to safeguard agricultural activities

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has rolled out several measures to safeguard the country's agricultural activities as the upcoming cold spell will impact most parts of China.

The latest drop in temperatures combined with the previous rounds of cold spells will affect fruits and vegetables grown outdoors, the ministry said in a notice issued on Jan 15.

The ministry said it has required local authorities to use scientific measures to minimize losses caused by the cold spells, safeguard agricultural activities and ensure the stable supply of agricultural products.

It has strengthened communications with the meteorological department to closely follow changes in the weather, release early warning information and launch contingency plans at appropriate times.

The ministry will also enhance coordination with traffic and railway departments to improve the efficiency of transportation and reduce transportation costs to promote the fast, orderly distribution of fresh agricultural products.

Guideline aims to improve day care services for kids

The National Health Commission on Jan 12 published a trial guideline on the care of children under age 3 for day care centers to help them provide services in a scientific and standard way.

The guideline provides targets, key points and instructions to institutions caring for children in three age groups — 7-12 months, 13-24 months and 25-36 months.

The content of the guideline covers seven aspects: nutrition and feeding; sleep; health habits; movement; language; cognition; and emotional and social development.

The guideline said that infant care institutions should create a favorable environment and reasonably arrange life and activities each day for the children. They should also provide care, a balanced diet and early learning opportunities to facilitate the children's all-around development both physically and mentally.

The guideline also requires the institutions to set up systems to manage information and health, prevent disasters and monitor children's safety. Moreover, the institutions should also make contingency plans for safety and take measures to prevent and control contagious diseases.

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