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Nation ‘well-armed’ to sustain growth

China has many weapons to fight difficulties in its economy and will be able to maintain its growth momentum, the Premier said.

Signals from the press conference

Facing sharp questions, a series of positive economic signals were found in the Premier’s answers.

Pollution violators to face high costs

China will tackle air pollution with tough punishments that will make the costs for violations “too high to bear”, Premier Li said.

Premier promises support for small startup businesses

The government will continue to offer more convenience to encourage people to start their own businesses in 2015, Premier Li said at a news conference on March 15.

Premier reinforces tough stance on Myanmar bombing

China has “both the responsibility and ability” to safeguard the stability of its border areas with Myanmar, Premier Li Keqiang said on March 15.

Taiwan to have priority in opening-up

Chinese mainland will give priority to Taiwan in terms of the depth and the intensity of opening-up, said Premier Li Keqiang on March 15.

Sino-Japanese ties face test, opportunity: Premier

Sino-Japanese relations are now facing both “a test and an opportunity” at the important moment this year on the 70th anniversary of the victory of the World Anti-Fascist War.

China capable of preventing financial crises

China is capable of preventing systemic or regional financial crises while allowing market-ruled liquidation in individual and isolated cases.

70% local govt debts yielding returns: Premier

More than 70 percent of China’s local government debts are in the form of investment which have good prospect of yielding returns, Premier Li Keqiang said on March 15.

China not to tighten policy toward HK

Premier Li Keqiang said on March 15 that it is not necessary to worry about the Chinese government tightening its policy toward Hong Kong.

Officials accountable for incompetency

Government officials must be held responsible for inaction, incompetence and indolence, Premier Li said on March 15.

China expects sound growth of real estate

Premier Li Keqiang said that he hopes for a “steady and sound growth of China’s real estate market in the long run.”




(Premier) Li said the government will loosen policies, if needed, in a targeted manner to prevent the economy from slowing too much, or avoid a sharp decline in employment. — REUTERS


So pain is only natural but, however painful it may be, we are determined to keep going until our job is done.

In answer to question from Bloomberg

I believe that the tailwind generated by our Internet Plus strategy will allow us to take the Chinese economy to a higher growth path.

In answer to question from Beijing Times