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Premier chairs meeting discussing guidelines for 13th Five-Year Plan

The central government will launch a host of projects involving cutting-edge technologies, Internet applications, high-end equipment and key industries, Premier Li Keqiang said on Nov 17.

Proposal unveiled for new five-year plan

China aims to double its 2010 GDP and the 2010 per capita income of both urban and rural residents by 2020, and there will be more moves to upgrade the economy into a global manufacturing power.

Premier lays out plan for building a well-off society

Premier Li highlighted the “decisive” significance of the next five years for finishing building a moderately prosperous society and raised specific requirements for accomplishing the goal, giving top priority to development, while underlining innovation and people’s livelihood.


I know great strides have been made towards banning cigarette smoke in public places, many which may have taken effect. I am confident in China’s efforts towards a greater and healthier nation.

Latasha Drax

I welcome the Chinese government’s direction in creating an “ecological civilization” by pursuing more balanced growth by 2020. The world knows that China will continue to achieve globally significant targets in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, decrease in total energy consumption, and increase in energy efficiency.

Stephanie Jensen-Cormier

China should require the State-owned enterprises to contribute a larger percentage of their net after tax profits into the country’s Social Security and Insurances System. Currently their net after tax profit payments to the government are relatively low, and do not fully reflect an equitable return on the SOE’s investment for the owner, i.e. China’s people. Earmarking these increased payments to China’s Social Security and Insurances System would have immediate and long-term benefits for the country and its economy as a whole.

Sabina Brady and Liang-Xia Ye


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  • The Belt and Road Initiative
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