Premier Li meets the press: Full transcript

Premier Li Keqiang responded to 17 questions from reporters at a news conference at the Great Hall of the People on March 16.

No hard landing in sight

Premier Li Keqiang said on March 16 that China’s economy will not suffer a hard landing and there are more hopes than difficulties.

China guarantees pensions payment: Premier Li

The Chinese government is capable of guaranteeing payment of benefits for pensioners, Premier Li Keqiang said on March 16 while meeting the press.


China releases government work report, five-year plan

The government work report and the 13th Five-Year Plan for the country’s economic and social development were released in full on March 17.

China to set up commercial rocket launch company

China will establish a commercial rocket development and launch company, a scientist with a state-owned space technology enterprise said on March 15.

Executives survey the prospects for China’s future prosperity

China Daily invited executives from several multinational companies operating in China to share their views on the outlook for the Chinese economy.


Directors call for better-trained film crews

China’s booming film industry needs better trained staff if its production values are to match those of Hollywood, according to leading director Feng Xiaogang.

China’s political advisors make over 5,000 proposals

Altogether 5,375 proposals have been submitted to the annual session of China’s top political advisory body this year, according to a report released on March 14.

Official calls for more TCM investment

A top health official is proposing that TCM innovation and research are made a priority in national strategies.


Five-year plan gets ringing endorsement of legislators

After making dozens of people-oriented changes, national legislators gave a ringing endorsement on March 16 to the country’s 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20).

Five-year plan boosts global sustainable development

China’s 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) will create more opportunities for sustainable growth within and beyond its borders, the experts said.

Rewards and challenges in China’s Five-Year Plan

Investors are optimistic that China’s new five-year blueprint will support ongoing development, but reform imperatives may need to be re-prioritized to meet the proposed growth target.





March 16

At 9 am, the 12th NPC will hold the closing meeting of its fourth session. And after that, Premier Li Keqiang will meet the press at the Great Hall of the People.


Standards crucial for railway enterprises’ overseas expansion

China should speed up the standardization of its high-speed railway technologies and take the lead in setting international standards, an industry insider suggested.

More pediatricians needed

Lawmakers are proposing the enrollment of more undergraduates in pediatric studies to cater to the country’s upcoming baby boom.


Foreign media on two sessions

Foreign media believe that reform and innovation will inject new impetus to the Chinese economy, which will push forward global economic development.

Overseas media upbeat about China

Overseas media say that the country has outlined a series of measures to cope with downward pressures on its economy.

China set to win uphill battle against poverty

The central government will increase its poverty alleviation budget by 43.4 percent this year, lifting at least 10 million people out of poverty by the year end.


This is a turning point for China where enormously large economy is trying to protect environment while keeping the momentum of development to an optimum level.

China is making great strides in its green-energy efforts, and we’re quite keen to see whether this shift takes on a more accelerated step change in the coming five years.


The hot issues discussed during the ‘two sessions’ not only decide the country’s future development but also concern people’s lives.

People’s livelihoods should be at the center of social focus. People expect better life, a more prosperous country, cleaner environment and more convenient transportation.

Travelling has now become part of people’s life. China’s tourism market saw four billion visits, a record, in 2015. China has stepped in the “era of tourism”, bravo!