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China’s Baoji-Lanzhou high speed rail in operation

Updated: Jul 10,2017 9:10 AM

The Baoji-Lanzhou High-Speed Railway (HSR) officially started operations on July 9, marking the completion of the Xuzhou-Lanzhou HSR, an important part of China’s four horizontal and four vertical national railway network.

This also lays a foundation for the expected eight horizontal and eight vertical HSR network.

The railway, which spans 401 km at a speed limit of 250 km/h, links Baoji City in Northwest China’s Shaanxi province and Lanzhou in the neighboring northwest Gansu province.

The first train G2028 left Lanzhou West Railway Station at 8:16 in the morning and will arrive at Baoji at 10:31, significantly reducing travel time from seven hours to about two hours.