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More transparency required of public enterprises, institutions

Updated: Dec 21,2020 04:53 PM

The General Office of the State Council issued a circular on Dec 21, outlining requirements for information disclosure by enterprises and institutions that undertake public service functions.

The measures, effective Jan 1, 2021, are aimed at creating a sound information disclosure system for enterprises and institutions providing public services, and boosting their ability to perform their functions along with enhanced oversight, to help safeguard the interests of people and optimize the business environment.

Related State Council departments should be responsible for formulating and revising information disclosure rules applicable to those in education, hygiene and health, supply of water, electricity, gas and heating, environmental protection, and public transportation, among other fields.

Encouraged to disclose information voluntarily, enterprises and institutions involved should be required to offer information seekers consulting services, primarily in the form of hotlines, website interactions, and on-site queries, and put in place supporting work mechanisms.

The rules should specify a list of items subject to disclosure and their deadlines, the circular said, stressing information that is closely related to people's daily life and production, information that has a huge impact on the business environment, information that affects the interests of clients, information concerning production safety as well as personal and property safety of consumers, information involving hot issues of society, and other important information.

Special liability clauses also should be a part of the rules to enforce disclosure through methods such as issuing notifications for criticism, urging rectifications, and imposing administrative punishment, it added.