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Premier Li urges information integration to serve the public

Updated: Dec 8,2017 8:51 PM

Premier Li Keqiang urged efforts to practice the Internet Plus strategy in government administration at the State Council executive meeting on Dec 6, in order to make handling affairs with the government as easy as online shopping.

It was decided at the meeting to promote government information integration and sharing, as a further attempt to deepen the administrative reform.

“It is necessary to offer government information services to the public, which is a part of the public service,” Premier Li said.

Once mainly referring to transportation, compulsory education and basic medical services, public services should include government information services in the data era, the Premier added.

As the internet development in China has made remarkable progress, government information should be made public as much as possible to push forward economic growth, he said.

The meeting urged the government to integrate and streamline the dispersed and isolated information systems, as well as connect them to the national data sharing and exchange platform and make them open to the public.

There should be a special organization to identify the isolated information systems, the Premier said.

“Before, we stepped up opening PM2.5 data in response to public concern, and now we should make more efforts to this end,” he added.

The Dec 6 meeting also decided to share and connect data between central departments and local authorities at all levels by the end of this year, to meet data research demands on nearly 500 items, including identity verification, tax certification, real estate registration and degree certification.

Any information, which should be offered by authorities and can be searched on the national government data sharing platform, should not be verified separately, according to the meeting.

During the meeting, Premier Li emphasized the importance of facilitating interconnectivity among government portal sites through innovative systems and mechanisms.

Such efforts will promote the integration of administrative services nationwide and enhance information disclosure, thereby significantly strengthening the government’s public credibility, said the Premier.

Besides, the government should tap the potential of social forces by purchasing their professional services, in an effort to advance information sharing and the building of smart cities and smart government, added the Premier.

He also required that related departments should establish a correction mechanism for data released to the public, so as to guarantee accuracy and make it authoritative.

Meanwhile, the Premier asked to speed up the revision and removal process of laws and regulations involving information sharing, and set standards for e-license registration. At the same time, measures should be taken to ensure information security.

“A system that can strictly differentiate the two categories — information that cannot be disclosed and those that must be open to the public,” said Premier Li. “Data involving national security and personal privacy must be kept safe, and other public information should be disclosed in accordance with related laws and regulations.”

According to the meeting, related departments should upgrade their ability to secure the administrative data published on e-government portal sites and national data sharing platforms.

“Efforts on the disclosure and sharing of public service data will promote our development efficiency with enhanced competitiveness,” said Premier Li.