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Premier Li called for efforts to build up a healthy China

Updated: Feb 4,2018 7:45 AM

Premier Li Keqiang stressed efforts to build up a healthy China as he attended a symposium that solicits advice for the draft of the government work report on Jan 31.

Guests at the symposium come from various circles, including education, sci-tech, culture, healthcare and sports, as well as the grassroots.

Premier Li stressed that the aim of promoting physical exercise is to build up people’s health, as he spoke in response to remarks made by Lang Ping, head coach of China’s women’s volleyball team.

As there are more and more students becoming near-sighted, Lang said she hopes that they will be given more time to play and build up their bodies.

She suggested that China build more public fitness facilities, promote a fitness campaign nationwide, and cultivate competitive sport industries.

Liu Xiaocheng, director of TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital, also said he hopes China will continue to deepen healthcare reform and improve the compensation mechanism for public hospitals.

Premier Li required related departments to study the issue. “Public hospital reform is a critical part of China’s healthcare reform,” he said. Efforts should be made to solve problems in the reform and promote physical fitness, to improve people’s quality of life, he said.

Huang Bo, a Chinese actor, said he hopes the country will step up support to the film and television industry, and give some support for those in the literary and artistic fields to do creative works.

Grassroots representative Kong Puzhong, a family farm owner from Central China’s Hunan province, said that government policies concerning land transfer and family farms have brought tangible benefits to rural residents. However, with family farms expanding, construction of warehouses and offices require industrial land, which is difficult to apply for.

Family farms and large cooperatives are agricultural businesses and also have industrial properties, the Premier said, stressing that related departments should strengthen support for new needs of family farm owners.

Li Pengxuan, who works at an express delivery company in North China’s Shanxi province, was selected as a representative because of a message he left for the Premier at the official website of the central government.

He expressed the hope that the standardized operation of electric tricycles used by delivery services could be strengthened and proposed promoting cooperation between the insurance industry and the courier industry to develop insurance products aimed at the fresh product delivery.

Premier Li asked the deliveryman about his daily workload and said his advice will be attached great importance to by relevant departments.

The rapid development of the courier industry not only produced a large number of employment opportunities but helped rural residents rise out of poverty by sending agricultural products to urban areas.

The industry development has facilitated people’s lives, accelerated commodity circulation and reduced the cost of logistics. The government will further protect the legitimate rights and interests of couriers, the Premier stressed.