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Administrative approval time for construction projects halved

Updated: Aug 5,2018 8:50 PM

A few months after Premier Li Keqiang stressed relaxing market entry during the press conference for the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress in March, policies regarding the reform have been rolled out to cut administrative approval time in half.

The State Council General Office released a circular in May to cut red tape for construction projects to get government approvals, such as building subways, houses and roads, which have often taken enterprises almost a year to obtain.

The government decided to launch a trial this year, cutting the approval time for construction projects from more than 200 days on average to 120 days. The results will be promoted nationwide in 2019.

It is unified and simplified administrative procedures that makes saving time in a half possible.

According to the circular, the entire approval procedures will be divided into four phases — initiating project and land use planning approval, engineering construction approval, operation approval, and completion approval and inspection — and will be headed by four departments.

Some procedures, such as filing construction contracts, were canceled, while other procedures, such as joint inspection and mapping, were merged.

The government also delegated power to lower levels regarding certain approval items, changed management methods, reordered approval procedures, and put in place the approval model in which an application is approved based on the applicant’s pledge to comply with the requirements.

Moreover, a brand-new approval system will be in place to offer one-stop services, and require one application, as well as only one form to fill out for all procedures.

The government also enhanced supervision with new approaches, by introducing random checks and a credit and information system.