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Government should listen to the market: Premier

Updated: Mar 10,2019 11:37 AM

Premier Li Keqiang on March 9 joined discussions with deputies from Northeast China’s Jilin province, during the second session of the 13th National People’s Congress.

According to this year’s Government Work Report, employers will carry less of the burden of urban workers’ basic insurance, said the Premier.

He also stressed that pensions should be paid on time and in full, and should increase where appropriate.

The Premier further said that, to improve livelihoods, efforts should be intensified to solve problems in employment, care for the elderly, education, and healthcare. Once people fall into difficulty, they should be provided with support and assistance, said the Premier.

Premier Li additionally said that government should listen to what market entities want.

As a historic industrial base, Jilin province is currently home to a proportionately high number of traditional industries.

As the economy shows new downward pressures and with the revitalization of Northeast China at a crucial stage, Jilin should strengthen work on simplifying administration, cutting taxes and fees, and reducing enterprises’ production and operating costs, the Premier said.

He also called for institutional transaction costs to be cut, in an effort to improve the business climate.