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Premier takes a walk with Merket at Summer Palace

Updated: Jun 12,2016 7:59 PM

Premier Li Keqiang and visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the Summer Palace on June 12. They walked from the East Palace Gate to the Zhichun Pavillion, from where they viewed the Foxiang Pavillion and the Seventeen-Arch Bridge, which embodies a spirit of cooperation. They then came to the Grand Theatre Building of the Dehe Garden. The exquisiteness of China’s classical garden and the richness of its cultural tradition are well felt amid the natural and human landscapes.

Premier Li had a meeting with Merkel inside a garden before inviting her for dinner. Deepening bilateral cooperation needs more innovative ideas and common interests, the Premier said, adding that China is ready to have in-depth discussions in the fourth round of China-Germany inter-governmental consultation.