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Premier urges US to treat investments by Chinese firms fairly

Updated: Sep 26,2017 11:28 AM

Premier Li Keqiang told US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross he hopes the United States will treat Chinese companies’ investments fairly in the country, during a meeting with his US companion in Beijing on Sept 25.

The meeting is part of Ross’s three-nation Asian tour.

“We are looking forward to a very good session including a lot of American CEOs and we hope there will be some very good deliverables,” Ross said in comments to reporters, adding that “[the meeting] would be the best single outcome for both countries.”

Premier Li told Ross that the two countries’ common interests far outweigh their differences and their economic and trade relationship has benefited both countries and the world.

“China is the world’s largest developing country while the United States is the world’s biggest developed country,” Premier Li said. “In addition to that, China and the United States are the largest trading partners with each other, so I think it is fair to say that our common interests far outweigh our differences and divergences,” he added.

Premier Li told Ross during the meeting that China hopes the United States will give fair treatment to Chinese companies’ investments there, as well as ease restrictions on high-tech exports. He also added that China is willing to properly manage disputes and friction with the US through talks.