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Premier Li presses for interconnected government service platform

Updated: May 18,2018 10:03 AM

Premier Li Keqiang stressed the importance of integrating government service platforms while chairing a State Council executive meeting on May 16.

He said that more efforts should be made to push forward the construction of a unified e-platform while China spearheads the global wave of Internet Plus, laying the groundwork for one-stop management and offering convenience to enterprises and the public.

“We should put an end to fragmented governmental services to efficiently serve the public,” said the Premier.

On many occasions, Premier Li urged an interconnected government service platform offering more convenience to enterprises and the public with one-stop management.

At the executive meeting on May 16, Premier Li fully confirmed the accomplishments in Internet Plus government services. More advancement is expected in this respect to improve the business environment and boost market vitality and public creativity.

According to a decision at the meeting, the unified e-platform will align national, provincial, and city levels, with all related services offered, unless legally banned or confidential. Additionally, no permission will be granted for separate information systems run by individual departments.

“The uniform platform targets our people as a whole, thus all departments should work in concert and allow the free exchange and circulation of information on the e-platform,” said the Premier.

A standard benchmark should be established to facilitate the interconnection between systems. An inventory of the items requiring appearance in person should be released, under which single-window services will be provided to save applicants the need for a second trip.

Additionally, standard government service procedures should consist of three stages only - integrated reception, categorized approvals, and uniformed completion. No right of retention will be given to service halls set up by individual regional departments.

Service procedures will be massively simplified as well, with document sharing, related improved systems, and widely introduced and mutually recognized electronic licenses.

A uniform data sharing platform will be established offering no approvals for projects or technical maintenance funds to agencies that fail to connect to government information systems at different levels.

In addition, no less than 90 percent and 70 percent of government service items at provincial and city levels, respectively, will be available online by the end of 2019.

During the construction of the e-platform, the government should make public its purchase of services with supervisory and regulatory work in full play. The State Council should take care of problems reported by the public and come up with solutions promptly, said Premier Li.

No department can afford to disregard data security issues during this process, which calls for rigorous deterrence of tax evasion and strengthened security mechanism for personal and commercial confidential information, said the Premier.

Aimed at serving our people, Premier Li added, the reform should be fully carried out to offer them a sense of fulfillment.