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Executive meetings offer future insight

The weekly State Council executive meetings provide a clue to the government work priorities and policy orientations.

Integrated public resource platforms

Premier Li Keqiang on July 31 laid a roadmap for creating integrated and unified public resource trading platforms.

Ease financing costs for real economy

Premier Li urged faster growth of the financing guarantee sector to ease financing difficulties for small and micro businesses.

Focus on innovation in medical reform

Premier Li said coordination between social security and commercial insurance is a major innovation in medical reform.

Premier promotes supervisory innovation

Premier Li Keqiang said the “two-way random inspection” mechanism is an innovation for the supervision system that must be promoted.

Fair environment for underprivileged students

Premier Li decided to increase national student loan amounts in order to build a fair environment for the education of underprivileged students.

‘Big push’ aiming to implement policies

Premier Li praised the role of the State Council’s supervision in promoting the implementation of major decisions.

Premier promotes big data

Premier Li Keqiang emphasized the importance of using the big data technology to push the reform of the administrative approval procedure on June 17.

Renovating shantytowns embodies equality

The Premier believes renovating shantytowns is an important part in benefiting people’s lives and maintaining social stability.

‘Main arena’ for China’s technological innovation

China should make equipment manufacturing the “main arena” for the country’s technological innovation, the Premier said.

Assistance for migrants starting a business

Premier Li Keqiang said on June 10 that authorities at various levels should do their utmost to help migrant workers who wish to start a business in their hometown.

Do not let the state funds ‘sleep’

The state funds that have been allocated but projects have not started will be recalled for other key projects, Premier Li said.




Stronger financing guarantee industry

China will set up a national financing guarantee fund in the latest effort to boost financial support to the real economy.

Review of July executive meetings

The State Council executive meetings in July show that Premier Li is seriously tackling issues of public concern.

Medical insurance to expand nationwide

Medical insurance will cover expenses for critical illnesses nationwide, a State Council executive meeting said.

Licenses scrapped for more professions

China will cancel requirements on accreditation of professional qualifications and licenses, and take steps to boost trade.

Unused budget funds to help poor

A State Council executive meeting decided to use unused budget funds to improve people’s lives and help students.

Pilot project aims to make data public

A pilot project to publish data on government services will be launched, and innovation platforms encouraged to open up.

Effective investment to spur growth

China said on June 17 that it will increase investment to tackle the downward pressure on the country’s economy.

Incentives to assist migrant workers

The State Council said government funds should be better managed, and rolled out policies on consumer spending.

Saving lives is rescuers’ priority

The Premier was briefed on a report on the rescue mission for Eastern Star, the ship that capsized on the Yangtze River.

Public-private deals encouraged

The State Council executive meeting promoted public-private partnerships in key sectors as a key reform measure.

Big push for ‘going global’ strategy

China decided to further streamline the administrative process and push ahead with the “going global” strategy.

Boosting domestic consumption

The State Council decided to improve policies regarding import and export of consumer goods and issues like pollution control.

Measures to boost employment

The State Council on April 21 issued a raft of measures to stimulate employment, including more tax reductions.

Reform process should be deepened

A statement released after the executive meeting said reform should be deepened to achieve this year’s key economic goals.

China to abolish fees related to companies

The State Council will adopt measures to ease the burden on companies and support the development of the economy.