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Premier puts forward new ideas for supply reforms

Premier Li Keqiang raised new ideas and concepts in sharpening the reform from the supply side during a symposium with economists and enterprise representatives.

Premier urges better guidelines for development

Continuous efforts should be made to transform government functions to further stimulate market vitality and social creativity, Premier Li said.

Premier outlines strategy to stabilize economy

The government should impose a series of measures, including tax reductions, to lessen companies’ burdens and stabilize the economy, Premier Li Keqiang said on Nov 9.

Premier signals stronger economic reform

Premier Li has formulated a series of amendments to his blueprint for the economy as he attempts to boost growth.

Efforts to promote circulation industry

Premier Li Keqiang issued instructions for a national video conference on the modernization of the circulation industry.

Premier supports drive to spur growth

Premier Li called for efforts and support to turn the manufacturing sector into a new driving force for economic growth.


Internet Plus changes people’s lifestyles in China

Internet Plus, an action plan, was first presented in a Chinese government work report in March, 2015.

China moves toward an Internet powerhouse

The development of the Internet industry in China has gone from strength to strength in recent years as the country has been turning its Internet business from “big” to “great”.

Internet key to China’s economic reform

Online connectivity is bringing changes to almost all sectors of China’s economy, and has become key to economic reform.

Internet Plus tops China’s economy driver: survey

New survey lists Internet Plus, “new type of urbanization”, “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” as China’s top economic drivers.


Homegrown robots rise to new dawn

As China embraces automation, the wide technology gap between local and foreign robot makers is narrowing slowly but surely.

China-made drones ready to take on world’s load

China’s growing prowess in making world-class unmanned aerial vehicles, which are commonly known as drones, was very much in evidence at the CES this year.

Full steam ahead for global rail projects

China’s railway operator said it will accelerate the pace of building high-speed and regular railways in other countries.

China overtakes Japan, S Korea on high-tech exports

An ADB report shows that the country has overtaken Japan, South Korea and Malaysia on high-tech exports.




Innovation strategy proved effective

Tax revenue from emerging industries rose rapidly in 2015, thanks to the efforts to boost entrepreneurship and innovation.

Entrepreneurship and innovation show impact

Mass entrepreneurship and innovation leads to signs of economic improvement amid tough downward pressure.

China to contribute more innovation

China is going to be contributing more and more to the world’s innovation.


China eyes investment in stabilizing growth

China’s top economic planner stressed the importance of boosting investment in the fourth quarter of 2015 on Nov 14.

China’s foreign service trade hits record high

The value of China’s foreign service trade hit an all-time high of $713 billion in 2015, up 14.6 percent year on year.

China approves $10 billion in infrastructure projects

The National Development and Reform Commission said on Oct 15 it has approved the construction of six infrastructure projects.

New tax breaks will encourage R&D

Preferential tax policies should be used to create new driving power for mass entrepreneurship and innovation, Premier Li said at the State Council executive meeting.


China on right economic path: World Bank economist

China’s growth will be much more resilient although it will be slower over the long term, a leading World Bank economist said.

No hard landing scenario for Chinese economy: expert

The Chinese economy will not face a “hard landing scenario” despite it is likely to slow down in 2016, a French economist said in a recent interview.

Data show success of transformation

China’s economic data in 2015 indicate that its economic transformation is starting to take effect, said a Russian expert.

China’s growth envy of developed world

China is definitely on track in terms of its real GDP growth, said Jim O’Neill, British Commercial Secretary to the Treasury.

China’s economic reform encouraging

Many British economists and investors believe China will continue to be the main driver of the world’s economy.

Economist stays upbeat about growth

A renowned economist said it will be fine if China’s economy can maintain a growth rate of 5 to 6 percent in the future.

China to remain global economy driver: expert

China will continue to be a driver of global economy as it has sufficient investment opportunities and internal resources, a leading Chinese economist said on Jan 12.

Consumption and service boost growth

The economic structure is improving, with consumption and service as new engines for growth, instead of investment.