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China, Iraq sign memo to promote energy partnership

China and Iraq pledged to establish a long-term, stable energy partnership with a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed on oil and gas on Dec 22.

A year of forging cooperation through deals

A year of deal-making has seen the Premier forge new markets for Chinese products and boost the economies of other countries.

SCO industrial capacity cooperation

Leaders of SCO member countries are expected to mull ways to expand industrial capacity cooperation.

Fund to boost industrial cooperation

China and Kazakhstan on Dec 14 signed an agreement to establish of a production capacity cooperation fund of $2 billion.

China, Ethiopia chart production capacity co-op

Premier Li Keqiang said China is “full of confidence” over the future of bilateral ties and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Premier Li pushes intl capacity cooperation

Ever since Premier Li Keqiang took office, the government has been making great efforts to promote collaboration in international production capacity.


ASEAN, China seek production capacity co-op

The thought to further explore the cooperation was highlighted at a forum discussing future AEC-China cooperation in production capacity.

China launches fund for LatAm industrial co-op

China has established a fund of $10 billion to support the country’s industrial cooperation with Latin America, the central bank announced.

Diplomat optimistic on production capacity co-op

Promoting international collaboration on production capacity will “inject new impetus into world economic growth”, a senior Chinese diplomat said on Aug 31.

Intl cooperation on production capacity

China will boost cooperation in production capacity and equipment manufacturing with other countries.




Premier’s ‘business card’ is global capacity cooperation

Cooperation in international production capacity has become Premier Li Keqiang’s new “business card’’.

Production capacity co-op between China, Europe

Production capacity cooperation has increasingly shown up as a new “business card” of Premier Li Keqiang.

Chinese firms sail on intl capacity cooperation boat

Chinese enterprises are gaining a stronger presence abroad off the back of motions to deepen intl industrial capacity cooperation.

Time to promote co-op on production capacity

Intl cooperation on production capacity has become a key part in China’s economic cooperation with many other countries..

Tapping potential of joint production capabilities

Deepening China-EU cooperation in production capacity will boost their pragmatic cooperation and contribute to the growth of the two economies and the world economy.

New mode to open new way for international cooperation

China-LatAm production capacity cooperation will open new prospects for South-South cooperation and explore a new route for strengthening South-North cooperation.

Production capacity co-op aims at win-win for all

China’s production capacity cooperation with other countries aims to create a win-win situation for all, and will not follow the colonial path of Western countries.

Sino-LatAm production capacity co-op benefits both

China-Latin American ties can be described as dynamic, with upgraded cooperation in production capacity and equipment manufacturing to achieve mutual benefit.

Capacity co-op a win-win endeavor for China, LatAm

Cooperation in production capacity has become a new point of convergence which serves the best interests of both China and Latin America.

China-Africa industrial capacity cooperation

The strategy to industrialize the southern African countries can bring huge opportunities for China-Africa industrial capacity cooperation.