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Premier: Internet Plus to boost growth

Premier Li Keqiang said that promoting Internet Plus offers an important opportunity for economic transformation.

Premier Li promotes big data potential

Premier Li Keqiang has called for business models based on big data to push forward public entrepreneurship and innovation.


New guideline targets Internet financing

A guideline regulating financing activities on the Internet has been issued by China’s central bank and government departments to encourage innovation in the area.

China unveils Internet Plus action plan to fuel growth

China unveiled an Internet Plus action plan to integrate the Internet with traditional industries and fuel economic growth.


Internet Plus becomes a reality in China

Chinese home appliance makers are giving dimensions of reality to the Internet Plus strategy championed by Premier Li Keqiang.

Internet Plus tops China’s economy driver: survey

New survey lists Internet Plus, “new type of urbanization”, “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” as China’s top economic drivers.



Internet key to China’s economic reform

Online connectivity is bringing changes to almost all sectors of China’s economy, and has become key to economic reform.

The role of government in the era of Internet plus

We need to take a serious approach to figure out what steps will the government take to advance the Internet Plus innovation.

Strategy to help solve manufacturing overcapacity

China’s manufacturing industry will make use of the Internet plus strategy to solve its overcapacity and slowing growth, experts said at a forum on Aug 25.

Better services amid Internet Plus drive

Streamlining and delegating power amid the Internet Plus drive have helped the government offer better services.

Internet Plus will help drive growth and innovation

Future development of the Chinese economy will focus on improving productivity, and applying Internet Plus approach to create new market growth and drive innovation.

Internet Plus should mean smarter lives

Industry observers say Internet Plus will create a smart-cities, smart-communities and smart-homes market worth trillions of yuan.


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