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Consumer goods quality stressed

China will make more efforts to elevate the quality of consumer goods and promote the “Made in China” brand.

Premier’s campaign for upgrading ‘Made in China’

This year, Premier Li Keqiang promoted Made-in-China products on many occasions, offering suggestions to upgrade the manufacturing industry and holding high expectations for its development.


Quality revolution needed for ‘Made in China’

A “quality revolution” should be launched for “Made in China”, a story from China Business News reported.

Higher quality for homemade goods

China aims to improve the standards and quality of consumer goods by 2020 to raise living standards and prop up domestic consumption.


Achievements in manufacturing

This year, manufacturing has seen great progress made in structural adjustment and industrial upgrading.


Advanced standards to help promote quality of consumer goods

The State Council executive meeting on Aug 24 made a decision to introduce advanced standards to enhance quality of consumer goods.



High-tech companies should transform science and technology into products that are highly competitive in the market.

During a visit to East China’s Jiangxi province on Aug 23

The government will offer greater financial support to the health industry and strive to make it a pillar industry in the economy.

At a national meeting on health during Aug 19-20

Science and technology innovation should always keep a close eye on their application.

At the State Council executive meeting on July 20

Enterprises in various industries should put greater emphasis on innovation in its technology, production mode as well as management so that new effective supply can be created.

At a symposium of the State Council in Beijing on Jan 20, 2016

New forms of businesses and emerging industries have great potential and will soon be able to match the traditional economic engines in China.

During a visit to the Henan Bonded Logistics Center in Zhengzhou, Henan province on Sept 24, 2015

If manufactured-in-China products want to compete with commodities from Japan, Germany and the US, we need creative perceptions.

At the State Council’s study session on Aug 21, 2015


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